Besides our equipment we offer also the service of developing our partners equipment, processes and products. As we are a small company we are dinamical and can support single steps or come out with a turnkey solution to your problem or idea.

Our main services are:



  • calculations for component selection
  • simulate and predict the behavior of electronic circuits
  • design schematics & layouts
  • realizing PCB protoypes
  • testing full functionality
  • producing small and medium series


  • consulting in equipment design
  • consulting in process design
  • technology transfer
  • process development
  • on-site support for prototype tests and ramp up of new technologies 


  • design prototypes
  • simulate prototype designs
  • manage the mechanical processing
  • assemble prototypes
  • test functionality 


  • project management
  • mangae the production and suppliers
  • process evaluation
  • data analyses 
  • support in patent preparation

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