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Scientific Solutions gives you access to cutting-edge process development solutions to solve your unique needs. Providing you with consultancy, single prototypes, series of reactor parts or entire reactors, we strive to keep your business on the forefront of technological advancement.


Design of prototypes

Production of small series

3D scan


The available equipment represents the constant stiving for the latest technology for research, prototyping and quality. Our strategy is, to continuously invest in new equipment, to increase our dynamic in complex customer projects and offer the best solutions.

CAD stations

Simulation tools

TIG welding

He-leak test

7 axis 3D scan arm

Fiber laser

Metal machining

Electronic equipment


The development of our own products for the semiconductor market, which can be customized to fit the exact needs of every production process, provides you with practicable solutions for your future challenges and opportunities. The results are a series of approved technology products to build up customer specific application, that can excess state-of-the-art systems to increase quality and productivity.

Cooling jacket

Pull head

TZM / W / Mo parts

Carbon & composite parts

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